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Pain Specialists Of Cincinnati

Chronic low back pain is common in pain management, and many injections require extensive workups, physical therapy, and imaging to get insurance approval.
Nov 18th, 2020

Procedure Highlight: Occipital Nerve Block

Occipital Nerve Blocks (ONB) are just one way we can treat headaches here at Pain Specialists of Cincinnati. In this procedure, a small amount of steroids and numbing agent are introduced along the occipital nerve,...
Nov 18th, 2020

Ohio Medical Marijuana Physicians Association in the News

On Monday, August 31st, the Cincinnati Enquirer featured an article about Ohio Medical Marijuana Physicians Association (OMMPA). The article, also printed in the Columbus Dispatch, discusses this group of physicians' growth and impact.
Sep 23rd, 2020

PSC Now offering NeuroFlow

At Pain Specialists of Cincinnati, we take a holistic approach to healthcare. To that end, we're excited to announce that we are now offering NeuroFlow to our patients.
Apr 15th, 2020

We can Battle COVID-19 - Want to Know More?

We at the Laser and Regenerative Center and Pain Specialists of Cincinnati believe in the power of preventative care and treating the whole person. Pain and stress can affect the immune system.
Mar 24th, 2020

Dr. Tayeb National Instructor to Pain Physicians

This fall, Dr. Zeeshan Tayeb, Chief Medical Officer of Pain Specialists of Cincinnati was selected to be a guest instructor at the Lumbar Bio-Skills Lab in Portland, Oregon, as well as the Advanced Cervical Bio-Skills Lab in New Orleans, Louisiana.
Nov 19th, 2019

I Lost My Pain Doctor – Five Things You Need to do Now!

The opioid epidemic has everyone in the medical field on edge. Providers are struggling to keep up with new regulations and guidelines, regulators are working diligently to build safeguards to protect the public at large,...
Oct 2nd, 2019

PSC: First Sale of Medical Marijuana

Today is a major milestone as the first sale of Medical Marijuana occurred this morning at 9am. As Ohio (and Pain Specialists of Cincinnati) continues the path towards Medical Marijuana,...
Jan 18th, 2019

CEO of PSC selected as guest speaker at National Pain Convention

Shawn Grubb, Chief Executive Officer of Pain Specialists of Cincinnati has been selected to speak at the prestigious 17th Annual Future of Spine + the Spine, Orthopedic and Pain Management Conference June 13-15, 2019 at the Swissotel in Chicago. 
Nov 20th, 2018

Dr. Tayeb teaches at Spine Intervention Society course

Dr. Zeeshan Tayeb, Chief Medical Officer of Pain Specialists of Cincinnati was a guest instructor at the Spin Intervention Society (SIS) Lumbar Bio-Skills Lab in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, September 14-16, 2018
Sep 17th, 2018

Medical Marijuana: Certified to Recommend

Dr. Zeeshan Tayeb, Chief Medical Officer of Pain Specialists of Cincinnati (Interventional outpatient Pain Clinic) has received the “certification to recommend” Medical Marijuana in the State of Ohio...
Jun 10th, 2018

Now Offering PRP Therapy

Finally there is a way to relieve your pain without surgery or medication. You can restore the quality of your life through stem cell and platelet rich plasma therapy....
May 15th, 2018

New PSC Toxicology Lab

Pain Specialists of Cincinnati (Interventional outpatient Pain Clinic) takes concrete steps to reduce patient costs and limit out of network laboratory billing practices while breaking new ground in Islamic SBA financing.
Feb 1st, 2018