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Dr. Tayeb National Instructor to Pain Physicians

<< for immediate release >> Cincinnati, Ohio, October 14, 2018 /PRNewswire/

This fall, Dr. Zeeshan Tayeb, Chief Medical Officer of Pain Specialists of Cincinnati was selected to be a guest instructor at the Lumbar Bio-Skills Lab in Portland, Oregon, as well as the Advanced Cervical Bio-Skills Lab in New Orleans, Louisiana. The Spine Intervention Society (SIS) is a professional organization focused on developing and promoting the highest standards for the practice of interventional procedures.

During these courses, Dr Tayeb helped other physicians from all over the world learn the latest techniques and approved protocols related to interventional pain procedures. These courses were designed for both beginners in the field and those experienced physicians looking to expand their skills.

When asked about the event, Dr. Tayeb said “the preparation required to teach one of these courses is intense, but the satisfaction gained in helping just one physician get better at his or her craft is well worth it”.

Pain Specialists

Dr. Tayeb is dedicated to helping improve the quality of interventional pain physicians worldwide.

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