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Getting ready for Medical Marijuana: PSC now testing for CBD

In preparation for the prescribing of medical marijuana, Pain Specialists of Cincinnati becomes one of the first pain clinic in the State offers urine drug testing (UDT) for the drug cannabidiol (CBD).

“Medical Marijuana in the state of Ohio is still in a state of flux. As the state continues to refine guidelines, we at Pain Specialists of Cincinnati are building robust protocols that support recommending Medical Marijuana based on our expertise in opioid therapies.” said Shawn Grubb, CEO of Pain Specialists of Cincinnati. He continued with “By doing this, we believe that we can lead the state in using Medical Marijuana as a potential alternative to opioid therapies, when combined more conservative therapies like physical therapy, chiropractic care, interventional procedures and nutrition.”

CBD is the second most abundant chemical in the cannabis plant Cannabis sativa, and is one of 104 chemical compounds that make up the plant. Unlike the main component of the plant, tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), there is no evidence that CBD induces any psychoactive effects.1-3Instead, there is strong evidence that CBD is an effective treatment option for chronic pain, inflammation, anxiety, and even disorders and diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis, Parkinson’s disease, seizures, and schizophrenia, among others.1-10 Unfortunately, due to CBD and THC both being Schedule 1 drugs under the Controlled Substances Act, there is a limited amount of scientific research being done to characterize and document the effect CBD has on the human body and mind.

When testing for a new drug, six different validation studies must be performed and passed to confirm the certainty and accuracy of the testing: a precision study, an accuracy study, a linearity study, a method comparison study, a specificity study, and a sensitivity study. All of these studies combine to verify that CBD can consistently and reliably be calibrated, detected, analyzed, and quantified in a patient’s urine sample.

“We hold ourselves to the highest standard here at Pain Specialists of Cincinnati” said Majors Badgett PhD, laboratory manager. “It is imperative that everything we change or add to the testing protocol is thoroughly investigated so that we can not only provide the most accurate and consistent results for the patient, but also make sure we know everything there is to know about a drug before we start testing it. Due to the recent popularity of medical marijuana, it was only a matter of time before both THC and CBD were tested here.”

CBD testing will be implemented starting on November 1, 2018.

Majors Badgett

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