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Pain Specialists of Cincinnati promotes a Rad Tech to Clinic Lead

Pain Specialists of Cincinnati (Interventional Outpatient Pain Clinic) is proud to announce the promotion of Jim Knotts (designation) to Pain Clinic Lead.

“Jim Knotts was promoted to the role of “clinic lead” as a recognition of his broad capabilities and leadership potential” said Gena VanSlyke, the Pain Specialists of Cincinnati Office Manager. She continued with “as we grow, we are looking for people who have leadership potential and challenging them to step outside their comfort zone and grow into new responsibly. Jim has demonstrated that he can do more than his prior Rad Tech role and we are pleased to help him reach his career goals”.

“Pain Specialists of Cincinnati is proud to announce that we have promoted Jim Knotts to the clinic lead position. Longevity and quality leadership are key ingredients for developing and maintaining a professional work environment and as we continue to grow as a team, it is important to remain adaptable to change as well as to encourage the career growth of our employees. This decision was made because Jim has clearly demonstrated outstanding leadership capabilities and consistency throughout his tenure at our practice. We congratulate Jim on his hard work, dedication, and are optimistic to see him excel even further in the future.” Said Gena VanSlyke, the Pain Specialists of Cincinnati Office Manager.

In his role as clinic lead, Jim will work closely with the Dr. Tayeb (Chief Medical Officer) and Anie Djiadeu (Nurse Practitioner) to ensure the clinic and procedure processes are working smoothly. He will lead clinic team meetings, work on staffing needs and anticipate roles that will be required as the company continues to grow. Jim will also help co-ordinate the handoffs between the Pain and Rehabilitation Divisions as well as work the Laboratory and Research divisions.

Of the appointment Jim said, “I am very excited for this opportunity to grow the business and I am looking forward to all of the breakthrough ideas we have been working on to help our patients control their pain, we have a lot of growth in front of us and I am excited to be chosen as a leader.”

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