Medical Marijuana

Recommending Medical Marijuana

Our practice has been recommending Medical Marijuana since Ohio first allowed it’s medicinal use. We utilize it as part of our cutting edge approach to chronic pain and neurological disorders. 


Doctor Tayeb is double board-certified in PM&M and Pain Medicine, making him the best choice for comprehensive pain management.  Pain Specialists of Cincinnati is uniquely qualified to provide medication management and recommend medical marijuana in a safe and controlled manner. A Medical Marijuana recommendation at our facility centers on delivering easy to understand education, coupled with timely follow-up visits to ensure your symptoms are addressed.  At Pain Specialists of Cincinnati, we want to make sure we recommend with as little risk as possible.



CBD oil is a beneficial aid for pain, anxiety and depression, sleep, and many neurological disorders. Our CBD oil has been sourced from the highest quality, ethically sourced ingredients. Lab-tested and verifiable by you, we invite you to try this low-risk therapy to help you reach the best version of your health


Call to set up an appointment to find out if our medical marijuana program is right for you (513) 513-922-2204.

Pain Specialists of Cincinnati

Our providers are experts in the field of pain diagnostics and treatment.  Since 2015 we have provided successful pain relief to thousands of patients in a comfortable and caring environment. Using a multidisciplinary approach to pain management, we go beyond just medications.  We are committed to treating the whole person!

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