Medical Management

Opioid Therapy and Adjuvant Medications

Management of chronic pain can be complex, particularly in patients with multiple problems.  At Pain Specialists of Cincinnati we create specific treatment plans using a comprehensive approach to care.  We believe that the best care begins with a good relationship between provider and patient. 

At Pain Specialists of Cincinnati, treatment of chronic pain is always tailored for each individual patient. Treatment is aimed at minimization of pain and interruption of the pain cycle. The goals of treatment is focused on restoration of normal function, better quality of life, reduction of use of medication, and prevention of relapse of chronic symptoms.


Therapies offered Include:

  • Short-acting opioid analgesics

  • Long-acting opioid analgesics

  • Neuropathic analgesics

  • Anti-inflammatories

  • Muscle Relaxants

  • Anti-depressants

  • Sedatives

  • Topical Pain Creams

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Pain Specialists of Cincinnati

Our providers are experts in the field of pain diagnostics and treatment.  Since 2015 we have provided successful pain relief to thousands of patients in a comfortable and caring environment. Using a multidisciplinary approach to pain management, we go beyond just medications.  We are committed to treating the whole person!

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